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This repository contains the geo-location engines for the PHP implementation of the Pipeline API.


The Pipeline engines are written in PHP and target 5 and 7.


  • geoLocation - A Node.js engine which retrieves geo-location results by consuming data from the 51Degrees cloud service.
  • geoLocationPipelineBuilder - Contains the geo-location engine builders.


You can either reference the projects in this repository or you can reference the Composer packages in your project:

"require": {
"51degrees/fiftyone.geolocation": "@dev",

Make sure to select the latest version from Composer.

Configuration Options

  • String type - The name of the type of geolocation service to use.
  • String resourceKey - Resource Key is evidence used within the Cloud service for monitoring usage. Obtain a resource key.
  • Array restrictedProperties - The properties to populate values for in the result (all are populated by default).


Examples can be found in the examples folder. See below for a list of examples.

Example Description Implemtation
gettingstarted.php This example uses geo-location to determine the country from a longitude and latitude. Cloud
configurefromfile.php This examples creates a pipeline from a configuration file to set up geo-location. Cloud
combiningservices.php This example uses geo-location alongside device detection to determine the country and device. Cloud
webIntegration.php This example demonstrates how to integrate the geo-location solution into a website. Cloud

Ensure the resource_key environment variable is set to your resource key prior to running the example scripts.

To run the examples, go to the examples directory and run:

php -S localhost:8080

The examples will now be available to view in a browser. For example, the cloud getting started example will be available by browsing to localhost:8080/cloud/gettingstarted.php.


In this repository, there are tests using phpunit. You will need to install the package dependencies to run them:

composer install

To run the tests, then call:

phpunit --fail-on-warning --display-warnings --log-junit test-results.xml

Project documentation

For complete documentation on the Pipeline API and associated engines, see the 51Degrees documentation site.