51Degrees Geo-Location .NET  4.4

Geo-location services for 51Degrees Pipeline

51Degrees Geo-Location Engines

51Degrees Pipeline API

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This repository contains engines for the .NET implementation of the Pipeline API that provide location services. Currently, reverse geocoding is supported through the 51Degrees cloud service.


Visual Studio 2019 or later is recommended. Although Visual Studio Code can be used for working with most of the projects.

The Pipeline engines are written in C# and target .NET Standard 2.0.3.

The tested versions page shows the .NET versions that we currently test against. The software may run fine against other versions, but additional caution should be applied.

Solutions and projects


You can either reference the projects in this repository or you can reference the NuGet packages in your project:

Install-Package FiftyOne.GeoLocation


Examples can be found in the FiftyOne.GeoLocation/Examples/ folder. See below for a list of examples.

Example Description
GettingStarted This example uses the 51Degrees cloud to determine the country from a longitude and latitude.
CombiningServices This example uses geo-location alongside device detection to determine the country and device.


Tests can be found in the Tests/ folder. These can all be run from within Visual Studio or with the dotnet test command.

Project documentation

For complete documentation on the Pipeline API and associated engines, see the 51Degrees documentation site.