51Degrees API Documentation  4.4

51Degrees produce packages that can be consumed via the industry standard package managers for each language. (NuGet for .NET, Maven for Java, etc.)

There is also the option of building directly from the source code, hosted at GitHub, rather than using the pre-built packages. This will require build-time dependencies to be provided.

Your intended deployment environment may also influence the dependencies that are required. For example, the on-premise implementation of our Device Detection product is written in C for the best possible performance. However, this does come with the price of more complex dependencies than is typical for higher-level languages. In comparison, the cloud product has no need for these more complex dependencies.

Our dependencies policy is:

  • We aim to minimize third-party dependencies.
  • We will use >= binding where possible (i.e., the package should work with the target version and any later version).
  • We will target the oldest version that:
    • Has no known vulnerabilities.
    • Is compatible with the most recent stable (i.e., non-beta, rtm, etc.) version.
  • We use Azure DevOps with Microsoft-hosted build agents, as such, the pre-built packages may include low-level dependencies based on the software that is available on these build agents.

If you are having trouble with a particular dependency, check our FAQs for common problems and solutions.

You may also want to review the tested versions page, as these topics are related.

Click the tabs below to see dependencies for running the pre-built packages as well as additional dependencies required for on-premise device detection and instructions for building from the source code.

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