51Degrees API Documentation  4.4

Flexible Accessors


The Pipeline API has been designed to be easy to use, adding IDE auto-complete support where possible. However, one of our key design goals was to allow new properties to be added without the API software needing to be updated. These goals are often in conflict and lead to the creation of several possible mechanisms to retrieve property values.

See the Specification for more technical details.


The precise nature of the available accessors depend on the language being used but we have aimed to support the following use cases:

  1. Accessing properties without any 'magic strings' and with IDE auto-complete support.
  2. Accessing a property that has been returned by the data source but that did not exist when the current version of the flow element was built.
  3. Accessing a property without first accessing the associated aspect data.

Select a tab to view language specific information on the internal data structure.