51Degrees API Documentation  4.4


When using a PerformanceProfile that loads collections completely into memory, the API's ability to handle concurrent requests is only limited by the available hardware resources. However, when using a lower memory PerformanceProfile where collections are partially or fully read from file, consideration needs to be given to how many parallel threads will be accessing the Pipeline.

See the Specification for more technical details.


For PerformanceProfiles such as LowMemory and Balanced, the concurrency is limited by the number of file handles available in the file pool. In most implementations, the default value for this is the number of cores available on the machine. If more threads than this will be used, the expected concurrency must be configured when creating the engine, so that the file pool is created with the correct size to handle the expected number of concurrent accesses.

The snippet below shows how to set this when creating the engine:

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