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A native key is a short string that identifies a mobile device model and is stored internally by such devices. This string is generally only available to code running with sufficient privileges on the user's device and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Native key lookup is currently available in two forms:

  1. Requests to the 51Degrees cloud service, fully integrated into the Pipeline API.
  2. Using the 'TAC CSV' data file to create a local lookup solution based on SQL or some other data query mechanism.

Cloud service

Requests to the cloud service can include a 'NativeModel' query parameter. As long as the resouce key includes one or more 'hardware device' properties, the cloud service will return a result set with the details of any devices that match the supplied native model key.

For language specific details, see the example.

Local lookup

Currently, the recommended solution for a local lookup is to use the TAC CSV file. This is a data file that is available from the 51Degrees distributor service (assuming you have a valid license key that includes access to this product).

This data file includes all values for all properties and can be used to populate a database or similar. The database can then be used to perform indexed lookups on given property values, such as native model.