51Degrees Device Detection C/C++  4.4

A device detection library that is used natively or by 51Degrees products


Detailed Description

Common 51Degrees methods, types and macros.

Collaboration diagram for Common:


Macros used to quickly define array structures.
Fixed size, thread safe, loading, tree based cache.
Group of related items such as strings.
Component of a data set.
Configuration for building data sets.
A coordinate representation of a location.
Structure containing memory allocated to store a variable.
 Data Set
A data file initialised in a structure.
Represents a date in a data set.
Contains key value pairs as evidence to be processed.
Allow the bubbling up or errors in C.
Quick shortenings of common methods and types.
File handle pool and simple file operations e.g.
IEEE Single Precision Floating Point standard implementation and methods to convert to native float type.
Common form of evidence in 51Degrees engines.
Types and methods to parse IP address strings.
A more manageable way to store arrays.
Utility methods used to handle common memory operations such as allocating memory and freeing it, or reading through continuous memory checking for buffer over or under runs.
Used to override properties values or an entire profile.
Pool of handles to allow safe access to multiple threads.
Profile containing a unique set of values for the properties of a single component.
Structures for properties which are available, or required.
Property in a data set relating to a single component.
 Resource Manager
Resources to be managed by a resource manager.
Structure returned by an engine's process method(s), containing values.
Status codes and messages indicating the result of an operation.
String structures containing the string and length.
Contains helper methods for accessing and using text files.
Defines multi threading macros if the FIFTYONE_DEGREES_NO_THREADING compiler directive is not explicitly requesting single threaded operation.
Implementation of the classic red black binary tree.
Value of a data set relating to a property.
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