Will the trend at CES for larger screens lead to poorer mobile web sites?

James Rosewell

1/10/2012 7:29 AM

Mobile Opinion Web

This year's CES event in Las Vegas promises to be the biggest yet. But it's not just the event that's getting bigger.

We've spotted a trend towards larger devices. Sat-nav systems now have wider screens. Smartphones are becoming 'super phones', growing towards the size of tablets. And – despite the occasional rumour – there's no sign of Apple's market-leading iPad launching a smaller-screen iPad 3 or iPad 4.

But is bigger really better? Or easier to use?

It's a question James Rosewell of 51Degrees.mobi takes a look at today on mobile industry news site TheFonecast. With recent research linking screen size and click-through rate, usability has returned to the headlines again.