Smartphones Outsell Feature Phones For First Time

Products Team

8/16/2013 2:57 PM


Chart of the Week

Gartner put out their latest mobile market report this week, showing that smartphone sales have exceeded feature phone sales for the first time. This week 51Degrees.mobi look at web traffic from both smart and feature phones originating from different countries.

Global Web Traffic - Smartphone VS Feature Phone


Smartphones have been dominating mobile web traffic for quite some time now, so it is no surprise that they have finally overtaken feature phones in sales also. Interestingly there are still some markets where web traffic from feature phones is still a strong force.

Mobile web traffic from India is showing a near equal share for smart and feature phones and in South Africa, feature phones are still the preferred method for browsing the web. Will new 'low-end' smartphone devices from vendors like Apple and Samsung be enough to cause more smartphone traffic in these feature phone heavy markets?