Online retailers lose more web traffic from mobile browsers

Products Team

4/20/2012 7:41 AM

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Enabling your website for mobile visitors doesn't just improve the consumer experience. It also makes commercial sense.

The latest organisation to produce figures that prove what we've known for a long time is UK-based search marketing agency Mediarun. It's found that ‘bounce rates' from mobile devices are around 40%, which is about 10% higher than on desktop browsers. (Bounce rate refers to customers who visit a web site but only look at a single page before ‘bouncing' off to another destination). Mediarun says this means 5.6% of all mobile traffic is being lost by online retailers... and that's a significant amount of lost sales.

The reason is clear, according to Mediarun: a lack of mobile-friendly sites, leaving customers to battle with a full-size site on a small mobile screen.

Separate research conducted last year on behalf of Compuware revealed that 46% of mobile web users were unlikely to return to a website if they had trouble accessing it from their phone.

Put all these figures together and you have a clear message. If you want to remain successful, make sure your web site works on mobile devices. Don't let your customers bounce away!

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