Chart of the Week 2 - April 2013


4/12/2013 4:31 PM

Chrome Android Analysis

With Google announcing their new rendering engine "Blink" earlier this week, this edition of Chart of the Week shows the percentage of web traffic from Google Chrome Mobile vs the native Android browser over the last 15 months.



Over the last 6 months Chrome mobile has started taking chunks out of the native Android browser's user base. If the current growth rate of 1.5% per month continues Chrome mobile will be used by 20% of all Android users within 6 months time.

Google announced this week that their new browser rendering engine Blink will officially replace WebKit. Currently Blink is about 10 weeks away from being released within Chrome. We'll come back to this subject in 4 months to understand if Blink slows or accelerates conversion from the Android browser to Chrome Mobile.