isemailbrowserprocess add IsEmailBrowser to Property Dictionary

Data Team

4/26/2013 11:26 AM

Development Device Data News

IsEmailBrowser is a new beta property that has been added to the property library. IsEmailBrowser can be used to indicate whether a HTTP request was sent from an email client or from a regular browser.

If used with an email tracking pixel you can gain vital information about the device and browser that is opening the email. For example:

  • Using the BrowserName property you can understand what client/browser is being used to render the email.
  • The IsTablet property can tell if the email is viewed on a tablet.
  • Screen size information can also be determined enabling the email to be optmised for the screen.
  • Or HardwareFamily will tell the popular marketing name for the device.

Below is a process diagram, showing how to enhance a tracking pixel to gain vital email device analytics:


IsEmailBrowser is a Premium Device Detection property. For more information about how to upgrade to Premium data, visit our Device Detection page.