Products Team

5/4/2012 11:00 AM

May 2012 - News Letter

Find out what's new at in our May 2012 news letter.


Products Team

5/4/2012 9:48 AM introduces simple mobile device detection for PHP developers, the leading provider of device detection and web optimisation solutions, has expanded its portfolio to include PHP. The PHP scripting language is powerful and flexible, making it a popular choice for web site developers. Around a third of all websites currently use PHP.

This means even more developers and site owners can now discover whether the visiting device is a tablet, whether it's a smart phone, what the screen size is – and they can then adjust the online content accordingly.


James Rosewell

4/24/2012 10:00 PM

There's no sign of a cloud when we talk about mobile device detection

The weather outside may be a typically damp British April - but here at there's not a cloud in the sky. We've developed a mobile device detection solution that doesn't rely on a ‘cloud' connection every time there's a new visitor to your mobile web site.

As far as we're concerned, cloud services are very well-suited to location-based services and other applications that require vast quantities of data. They're also often a practical solution when information needs to be shared but needs to be controlled or monitored as well.

However, mobile device detection is a completely different type of situation.