HTC Developing Smartphone Operating System

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8/28/2013 8:35 AM

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Weekly Mobile News Roundup

HTC is Building New Mobile OS For The Chinese Market

The Taiwanese company is reportedly working with Chinese government officials to build a mobile OS that includes “deep integration” with China-specific services like Weibo, aimed specifically at the Chinese market. The project could see the new mobile OS launch before year's end. Read more on The Wall Street Journal.

Firefox OS Is Expected To Break the iOS And Android Duopoly

The new mobile operating system is completely open source, doesn't require powerful hardware to run and also enables app publishers to choose which billing platform best suits them.

This new value proposition uses HTML5 as it's main technology in order to bring a new concept to the market: the web as a platform. Through this technology, Firefox OS enables web developers to build mobile apps that can access handset features like cameras, GPS, contacts, schedules or even file systems, using just JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. Read more on The Next Web.

Apple's New A7 Chip Indicates That CPU Innovation Is Flagging

Apple has designed a new dual-core A7 chip for the new iPhone 5S. If rumors are true, the A7 could be just 31 percent faster, which represents a serious innovation slowdown, with previous improvements showing up to 100% increases. Read more on TechCrunch.