51Degrees Mobile Analytics has been updated

Data Team

6/8/2015 11:50 AM

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Examples of charts you can produce using our analytics tool

Based on data gathered by 51Degrees, our analytics tool provides information about the behaviour of devices accessing websites by countries or other criteria. You can check which software or browser indicates the highest browser activity and how it changes over the time. This knowledge can be used to understand which mobiles are the most popular to access global websites and can help to optimize the user experience on the most popular devices. Whether you are a web developer, marketer or journalist, you will find this tool interesting to you.

To give you some idea of its capabilities, have we share some examples of analysis you can get by using the 51Degrees Mobile Analytics tool.

Chrome Mobile overtakes Android Browser

% of Chrome Mobile vs Native Android Browsing activities

Browsing from Chrome using Android OS has been constantly increasing since 2013. In August 2014 it became more popular than a native Android browser. It might raise a question about why mobile users prefer using Chrome browser? Is it safer than the Android browser, maybe it has features that Android Browser doesn't support or it's just a more user friendly interface?

% Device Count for Android Vendor in USA

From Android devices accessing websites, the most popular in the United States are Samsung with the advantage of around 35% from other Android devices. Other brands that dominate market share in this area are LG, Motorola, HTC and ZTE. Since 2014 LG mobiles indicate a constant increase in web activity in the United States.

% Device Count for Android Vendor in the UK

In the United Kingdom, although Samsung devices show a slight decrease recently, they still consist over 50% of the market share in this country for web browsing from Android OS. Sony devices, with around 14% of share take second place and are more popular for browsing in UK than HTC, Amazon or Motorola brands.