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Ali Hutchison

6/14/2018 2:16 PM

51Degrees User Agent Analysis - June 2018

Popular User Agents detected including Smartphones, MediaHubs and Consoles

This blog shares the latest 51Degrees User Agent Analysis including User Agent examples from Smartphones, MediaHubs and Consoles. Currently, we have over 50,000 device models in our database.


Ali Hutchison

4/24/2018 9:53 AM

51Degrees User Agent Analysis

Popular User Agents detected since January 2018

We look at a sample of popular User-Agents that we have detected since the beginning of January, containing a lot of the well-known devices that were launched at or after Mobile World Congress 2018.



3/24/2016 9:25 AM

Sony PS Vita Browser Detection

Correctly identifying tricky user agents

This week we have been looking at the browser detection for the Sony PS Vita. We've found that on occasion two different browsers can use the same user agent, ultimately proving that you need the advanced user agent parsing that 51Degrees provides in order to correctly identify all device ID combinations.



4/27/2015 11:00 AM

Tips for consumer electronic device vendors

How smartphone vendors can improve their customers digital experience

Every day consumer electronic vendors fuel the growing demand for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches by releasing new web enabled devices. From the mighty Apple iPhone and iPad to the relative smaller-scale like Gionee, Oppo and Fly, 51Degrees research their devices and enter the device specifications and other information into our database.

For many marketers it's essential to know how each device and platform is performing. 51Degrees provide a tool which aggregates usage information from over 3 billion unique web visits per month and shows vendors exactly how their models are performing by country and month. This information differs to sales figures and show real usage of the web.

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10/27/2014 9:55 AM

User Agent Spoofing

Why it works well with device detection

Learn what user agent spoofing is and why it works well with device detection. See examples of user agents and how a change in a user agent string is likely to influence the detection result.

java logo

Products Team

10/10/2014 11:30 AM

How to get Signatures/UserAgents from device model

Using Java

Device detection is usually expected to take a user agent as an input and use it to return a device with the relevant properties. But what if you want to find signatures/user agent strings associated with a particular property? Read this article to find out how to use your 51Degrees data file to retrieve device signatures based on specific strings, contained in selected properties.

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