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On-Premise Device Detection

Enterprise Device Data Subscription

For businesses looking for assurance that their Device Data package will keep them completely updated on a daily basis with the latest devices, Enterprise includes the full complement of device combinations we can offer as well as a comprehensive Support and Maintenance service. Ideal for organisations and brands with larger, more complex requirements.

Features Include:

  • Daily updates.
  • The fastest algorithm with >22 million detections per second
  • Over 1,300,000 device combinations.
  • Automatic Image Optimiser.
  • Device images.
  • Over 220 device properties, including:
    • Device Price,
    • Battery Life,
    • Feature Detection
    • Network Speed
  • 51Degrees' Support & Maintenance package

Discounted subscriptions for 2 or 3 years and for purchases of more than 10 licences are available. Price is automatically adjusted based on options selected.

$999.00 / Year
Premium Device Data Subscription

Our Premium product offers a choice of subscription options to our Enhanced data file, which contains thousands of device types and a wide range of relevant properties.

Features include:

  • Weekly updates
  • Fastest algorithm with >22 million detections per second
  • Over 1,000,000 device combinations
  • Automatic Image Optimiser
  • Device Images
  • Over 140 device properties, including:
    • Screen size.
    • Screen resolution
    • Hardware information
    • Input method

Monthly or annual subscriptions are available.

You can select your subscription length and see volume discounts via the See Details button.

$499.00 / Year
Lite Device Data Subscription

Is this right for me?

If your operation processes 100,000s of requests a day, you need to know about the latest devices as soon as they’re launched. Our Enterprise solution is updated daily and provides SLA backed support. Evaluate Enterprise Data Now.

For hobbyists to small businesses looking for the fastest device detection. This free monthly subcription uses our latest and fastest algorithm (Hash Trie).

Features include:

  • Monthly Updates
  • Fastest algorithm with >22 million detections per second
  • Over 400,000 device combinations
  • Automatic Image Optimiser
  • Device Images
  • Over 60 device properties, including:
    • PlatformName
    • IsMobile
    • BrowserName

You are only permitted to acquire (and subsequently use) a single Lite licence key.

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More Information

Our prices include forum support and a FREE upgrade to any new version if it is released within 30 days of your purchase. Our standard terms apply to all sales, which are also subject to our Return Policy.

  • Please Contact Us if you require any licensing option not listed above, including volume licensing.
  • See our licensing guide and FAQs for common licensing scenarios.
  • For information on accepted payment methods please see our Purchase FAQs page.