51Degrees Pipeline Python  4.4

51Degrees Pipeline for Python


Store shared (mustache) templates to be used by the implementation of JavaScriptBuilderElement and other components across the languages.


The language-independent specification describes how JavaScriptBuilderElement is used here. The mechanics is: javascript file is requested from the server (on-premise web integration) and is created from this mustache template by the JavaScriptBuilderElement. It then collects more evidence, sends it to the server and upon response calls a callback function providing the client with more precise device data.

Shipping / Deployment

This repo is not a stand-alone package, but is shipped as part of and used by each of the following repositories / packages:

Wherever it is a submodule it will be updated by Nightly Submodule Update action, wherever it is a static dependency it will be updated by the Nightly Package Update action within a target repository.

No special action is needed from the user to deploy the template, just be aware that any changes introduced in this repo will automatically propagate and affect the above packages.