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fiftyone_pipeline_core.pipelinebuilder.PipelineBuilder Class Reference

Detailed Description

A PipelineBuilder generates a Pipeline object
Before construction of the Pipeline, FlowElements are added to it
There are also options for how JavaScript is output from the Pipeline

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Public Member Functions

def  __init__ (self, settings={})
def  get_javascript_elements (self)
def  get_setheader_elements (self)
def  add (self, flow_element)
def  build (self)
def  add_logger (self, logger) def  build_from_configuration (self, config)

Public Attributes

 logger  add_javaScriptbuilder  javascriptbuilder_settings  use_setheader_properties  data_file_update_service

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def fiftyone_pipeline_core.pipelinebuilder.PipelineBuilder.__init__ (   self,
  settings = {}  
Pipeline Builder constructor.
@type settings: dictionary
@param settings : settings for the pipeline builder including:
`add_javascript_builder (Bool)` - Whether to add the JavaScriptBuilder to the pipeline
(default true)
`javascript_builder_settings (dict)` - Settings for the JavaScriptBuilder engine 
@rtype: PipelineBuilder
`use_setheader_properties (Bool)` - Whether to add the SetHeaderElement to the pipeline
(default true)
@return: Returns a Pipeline Builder

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

def fiftyone_pipeline_core.pipelinebuilder.PipelineBuilder.add (   self,
Add a flow_element to a list of flowElements be used in a pipeline.

@type flow_element: FlowElement
@param flow_element: flowElement to be added to the pipeline

@rtype: PipelineBuilder
@return: Returns the pipleine builder with the specified flowElement added to it's list of flowElements.

◆ add_logger()

def fiftyone_pipeline_core.pipelinebuilder.PipelineBuilder.add_logger (   self,
Add an instance of the logger class to the pipeline.

@type logger: Logger
@param logger: Logger to be added to the pipeline

@rtype: PipelineBuilder
@return: Returns the pipeline builder with the specified Logger added.

◆ build()

def fiftyone_pipeline_core.pipelinebuilder.PipelineBuilder.build (   self )
Construct an immutable Pipeline using the list of flowElements, (Engines) and (Logger) currently in this Pipeline Builder.
Call build after all items to be included in the pipeline have been added.

@rtype: Pipeline
@return: Returns a Pipeline

◆ build_from_configuration()

def fiftyone_pipeline_core.pipelinebuilder.PipelineBuilder.build_from_configuration (   self,
Build a pipeline from a configuration file

@type config: dict
@param config: pipeline configuration

@rtype: Pipeline
@return: Returns built pipeline

◆ get_javascript_elements()

def fiftyone_pipeline_core.pipelinebuilder.PipelineBuilder.get_javascript_elements (   self )
Adds the JavaScriptBuilder, JSONBundler and SequenceElement to the pipeline if
If add_javascript_builder is set to true (the default)
@rtype: list
@return: Returns a list of FlowElements     

◆ get_setheader_elements()

def fiftyone_pipeline_core.pipelinebuilder.PipelineBuilder.get_setheader_elements (   self )
Adds the SetHeaderElement to the pipeline if
If use_setheader_properties is set to true (the default)
@rtype: list
@return: Returns a list of FlowElements     

Member Data Documentation

◆ add_javaScriptbuilder


◆ data_file_update_service


◆ flow_elements


◆ javascriptbuilder_settings


◆ logger


◆ use_setheader_properties

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