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fiftyone_pipeline_core.elementdata_dictionary.ElementDataDictionary Class Reference

Detailed Description

An extension of ElementData with dictionary object storage / lookup.

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Public Member Functions

def  __init__ (self, flow_element, contents)
Constructor for Element Data Dictionary. More...
def  as_dictionary (self)
Get the values contained in the ElementData instance as a dictionary of keys and values. More...
def  get_internal (self, key)

Public Member Functions inherited from fiftyone_pipeline_core.elementdata.ElementData

def  __init__ (self, flow_element)
Constructor for ElementData. More...
def  get (self, key)
Get a value from the elementData contents Proxy for the ElementData.getInternal method. More...
def  __getattr__ (self, key)
Magic getter for a property from the data Allowing user to write for example Data.IsMobile rather than Data.get("IsMobile) More...
def  __getitem__ (self, flow_element_key)
Magic method in Python, which when used in a class, allows its instances to use the [] (indexer) operators. More...
def  get_properties (self)
Proxy to the data's flowElement properties. More...

Public Attributes


Public Attributes inherited from fiftyone_pipeline_core.elementdata.ElementData


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def fiftyone_pipeline_core.elementdata_dictionary.ElementDataDictionary.__init__ (   self,

Constructor for Element Data Dictionary.

@type flowElement: FlowElement

flowElement - FlowElement that creates the data to be stored

@type contents: dict

contents - Dictionary contents

Member Function Documentation

◆ as_dictionary()

def fiftyone_pipeline_core.elementdata_dictionary.ElementDataDictionary.as_dictionary (   self )

Get the values contained in the ElementData instance as a dictionary of keys and values.

@rtype: dict

: Returns a dictionary of items in an ElementData

Member Data Documentation

◆ contents


◆ flow_element

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