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This project contains the core source code for the PHP implementation of the 51Degrees Pipeline API.

The Pipeline is a generic micro-services aggregation solution with the ability to add a range of 51Degrees and/or custom plug ins (Engines)


The tested versions page shows the PHP versions that we currently test against. The software may run fine against other versions, but additional caution should be applied.


To run the examples, you first need to install dependencies. Navigate to the repository root and execute:

composer install

This will create the vendor directory containing autoload.php. Now navigate to the examples directory and start a PHP server with the relevant file. For example:

PHP -S localhost:3000 CustomFlowElement.php

This will start a local web server listening on port 3000. Open your web browser and browse to http://localhost:3000/ to see the example in action.

There are several examples available that demonstrate how to make use of the Pipeline API in isolation. These are described in the table below. If you want examples that demonstrate how to use 51Degrees products such as device detection, then these are available in the corresponding repository and on our website.

Example Description
Pipeline Demonstrates adding some sample flow elements to a pipeline and processing some data with them.
CustomFlowElement Demonstrates how to write your own flow element, which can then be added to a pipeline to perform processing.


To run the tests in this repository, make sure PHPUnit is installed then, in the root of this repo, call:

phpunit --fail-on-warning --display-warnings --log-junit test-results.xml

Mustache template

javascript-templates is not a full-fledged PHP package installable via composer, however, it is shipped as a regularly updated, static dependency of this package.