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AstrologyFlowElement Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 processInternal ($flowData)
 getEvidenceKeyFilter ()

Public Member Functions inherited from fiftyone\pipeline\core\FlowElement

 __construct ()
A default dummy constructor is needed for there are classes inheriting this class deeper than 1-level of inheritance and calling parent::__construct() in their explicit constructors. More...
 process (FlowData $flowData)
General wrapper function that calls a FlowElement's processInternal method.
 getEvidenceKeyFilter ()
Function for getting the FlowElement's EvidenceKeyFilter Used by the filterEvidence method.
 filterEvidence (FlowData $flowData)
Filter FlowData evidence using the FlowElement's EvidenceKeyFilter. More...
 filterEvidenceKey (string $key)
Filter FlowData evidence using the FlowElement's EvidenceKeyFilter.
 onRegistration (Pipeline $pipeline)
Callback called when an engine is added to a pipeline.
 processInternal (FlowData $flowData)
Process FlowData - this is process function is usually overridden by specific FlowElements to do their core work.
 getProperties ()
Get properties Usually overridden by specific FlowElements. More...
 updatePropertyList ()
Update a FlowElement's property list This is used by elements that are only aware of their properties at a later stage, such as cloud request based FlowElements or FlowElements that change their properties later based on new datafiles.

Data Fields

string  $dataKey = 'astrology'
array  $properties

Data Fields inherited from fiftyone\pipeline\core\FlowElement

string  $dataKey
array  $properties = [] array  $pipelines = []

Field Documentation

◆ $properties

array AstrologyFlowElement::$properties
Initial value:
= [
'starSign' => [
'type' => 'string',
'description' => "the user's starsign"
'hemisphere' => [
'type' => 'string',
'description' => "the user's hemisphere"
'getLatitude' => [
'type' => 'javascript',
'description' => "JavaScript used to get a user's latitude"
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