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ShareUsageEvidenceKeyFilter Class Reference

Detailed Description

The ShareUsageEvidenceKeyFilter filters out all evidence not needed by the 51Degrees ShareUsage service.

It allows for a specific whitelist of query strings, a blacklist of headers and a specific cookie used for session information

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Public Member Functions

 constructor ({ cookie, queryWhitelist=[], headerBlacklist=[] })
 filterEvidenceKey (key)
Check if a specific key should be filtered. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from EvidenceKeyFilter

 filterEvidence (evidenceKeyObject)
Filter an evidence object. More...
 filterEvidenceKey (key)
Internal filterEvidenceKey function overriden by specific filters to keep or filter out a piece of evidence. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ constructor()

ShareUsageEvidenceKeyFilter::constructor (   { cookie, queryWhitelist=[], headerBlacklist=[] } )

Constructor for ShareUsageEvidenceKeyFilter.

{object} - options options for filter
{string} - options.cookie cookie used for session data
{Array} - options.queryWhitelist whitelist of query string data
{Array} - options.headerBlacklist blacklist of headers to remove

◆ filterEvidenceKey()

ShareUsageEvidenceKeyFilter::filterEvidenceKey (   key )

Check if a specific key should be filtered.

{string} - key evidence key to filter
{boolean} whether to keep the evidence