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Async Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 constructor ()
 processInternal (flowData)

Public Member Functions inherited from FlowElement

 constructor ({ processInternal, dataKey, properties={}, evidenceKeyFilter }={})
Constructor for flowElement class. More...
 onRegistration (pipeline, flowElement)
Internal function to be called when a FlowElement is added to pipeline, runs through any registrationCallbacks on the FlowElement. More...
 ready ()
Function called to check if a FlowElement is ready Used when there are asynchronous initialisation steps. More...
 processInternal (flowData)
Internal process function for a particular flowElement called (via the flowElement.process() method) when flowData generated by a pipleline is processsed. More...
 process (flowData)
To allow actions to take place before and after a FlowElement's processInternal function runs, a process wrapper is run first. More...
 updateProperties ()
Call this function to update the properties meta database in all the pipelines this flowElement has been added to. More...
 getProperties ()
Get a flowElement's properties. More...
 _log (type, message)
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