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fiftyone.pipeline.core.typed.TypedKeyMap Interface Reference

Detailed Description

Provides access to a type safe collection of data.

The collection is not necessarily stored in a type safe way, in other words, irrespective that item a and b have same name and different type are not equal, they may overwrite each other in the map.

In any case, when accessed via the asStringKeyMap() method, they will arbitrarily overwrite each other.

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Public Member Functions

< T > T  get (TypedKey< T > typedKey)
Get a value from a typed key. More...
< T > T  get (Class< T > type)
< T > TryGetResult< T >  tryGet (TypedKey< T > key)
< T > void  put (TypedKey< T > typedKey, T value)
Put a key and value. More...
< T > T  removeIfExists (TypedKey< T > typedKey)
boolean  containsKey (String key)
< T > boolean  containsKey (TypedKey< T > typedKey)
Map< String, Object >  asStringKeyMap () void  close () List< String >  getKeys () int  size ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ get()

<T> T fiftyone.pipeline.core.typed.TypedKeyMap.get ( TypedKey< T >   typedKey )

Get a value from a typed key.

typedKey - the value to get
<T> - type of the value
a value or null if not present

◆ put()

<T> void fiftyone.pipeline.core.typed.TypedKeyMap.put ( TypedKey< T >   typedKey,
T   value  

Put a key and value.

May overwrite a typedKey of the same name.

typedKey - the key to add
value - the value
<T> - the type of the value
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