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fiftyone.pipeline.util.FiftyOneLookup Class Reference

Detailed Description

Used for Interpolation of ${variable} in PipelineOptions and elsewhere.

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class  EnvSysLookup
Try to find a value from environment variable (first) or Java System Property.
class  FiftyOneStringSubstitutor
Subclass to obtain variable resolution behaviour that we want, which is that if no key is specified then we want to run envsys:. More...
class  FilePathLookup
Try to find a file according to the process described at FileFinder#getFilePath, which matches files ending in the key, as long as the key describes whole file path components.

Static Public Member Functions

static StringSubstitutor  getSubstitutor ()

Static Public Attributes

static StringLookup  FIFTYONE_LOOKUP

Member Data Documentation


StringLookup fiftyone.pipeline.util.FiftyOneLookup.FIFTYONE_LOOKUP
Initial value: