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fiftyone.pipeline.engines.caching.DataKeyedCacheBase< V > Class Template Reference abstract

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for caches that use FlowData as the key.

Internally, the cache actually uses a DataKey instance derived from FlowData.

See also
<V> - the type of data to store in the cache

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Public Member Functions

 DataKeyedCacheBase (CacheConfiguration configuration)
Construct a new instance. More...
V  get (FlowData flowData)
void  put (FlowData flowData, V value)
void  close () throws IOException

Public Member Functions inherited from fiftyone.caching.PutCache< K, V >

void  put (K key, V value)
Add an item to the cache. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from fiftyone.caching.Cache< K, V >

V  get (K key)
Retrieves the value for key requested. More...

Protected Member Functions

abstract EvidenceKeyFilter  getFilter ()
Returns the EvidenceKeyFilter to use when generating a key from FlowData instances. More...

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