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FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.FlowElements.IPipelineInternal Interface Reference

Detailed Description

Internal interface for a pipeline.

Allows IFlowData to call the pipeline's Process method.

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Public Member Functions

void  Process (IFlowData data)
Process the given IFlowData using the IFlowElements in the pipeline. More...
IElementPropertyMetaData  GetMetaDataForProperty (string propertyName)
Get the meta data for the specified property name. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.FlowElements.IPipeline

IFlowData  CreateFlowData ()
Create a new IFlowData instance. More...
bool  HasExpectedElementAfter< TElement, TExpectedElement > ()
Check if the pipeline contains an instance of TExpectedElement that will be executed after TElement . More...
TElement  GetElement< TElement > ()
Get the specified element from the pipeline. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetMetaDataForProperty()

IElementPropertyMetaData FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.FlowElements.IPipelineInternal.GetMetaDataForProperty ( string   propertyName )

Get the meta data for the specified property name.

If there are no properties with that name or multiple properties on different elements then an exception will be thrown.

propertyName - The property name to find the meta data for
The meta data associated with the specified property name
PipelineDataException - Thrown if the property name is associated with zero or multiple elements.

Implemented in FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.FlowElements.Pipeline.