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FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines.Caching.DataKeyedCacheBase< TValue > Class Template Reference abstract

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for caches that use IFlowData as the key.

Internally, the cache actually uses a DataKey instance derived from IFlowData.

Template Parameters
TValue - The type of data to store in the cache.

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Public Member Functions

 DataKeyedCacheBase (CacheConfiguration configuration)
Constructor More...
virtual void  Put (IFlowData data, TValue value)
Add the specified data to the cache. More...
void  Dispose ()
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Protected Member Functions

abstract IEvidenceKeyFilter  GetFilter ()
Returns the IEvidenceKeyFilter to use when generating a key from IFlowData instances. More...
virtual void  Dispose (bool disposing)
Dispose of this instance More...


virtual TValue  this[IFlowData data] [get]
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◆ this[IFlowData data]


Get the

TValue associated with the key generated from the supplied IFlowData instance.

data - The IFlowData to use as a key.
If a matching item exists in the cache then the
is returned. If not, the default value is returned. (i.e. null for reference types, 0 for int, etc)