51Degrees Geo-Location Java  4.4

Geo-location services for 51Degrees Pipeline

fiftyone.geolocation.core.GeoEngineHelper Class Reference

Detailed Description

Helper class that contains shared functionality required by geo-location engines.

This functionality is here rather than a geo engine base class because different geo-location engines require different engine base class functionality.


class  GeoLookupResult
The result of a call to performGeoLookup. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static GeoLookupResult  performGeoLookup (FlowData data, HttpClient webClient, RequestFormatter requestFormatter) throws IOException
Use evidence from the specified FlowData instance to construct a query. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ performGeoLookup()

static GeoLookupResult fiftyone.geolocation.core.GeoEngineHelper.performGeoLookup ( FlowData   data,
HttpClient   webClient,
RequestFormatter   requestFormatter  
) throws IOException

Use evidence from the specified FlowData instance to construct a query.

data - the flow data to process
webClient - the HttpClient to use when making a request to the geo-location service.
requestFormatter - a formatter that will create a URL that can be used to query a web service based on the supplied GeoEvidence
A new GeoLookupResult instance. If the supplied FlowData contains the required evidence then this will contain the raw response from the web service. If not, it will contain the JavaScript to run on the client device in order to supply the required evidence.