51Degrees Device Detection Python  4.4

Device Detection services for 51Degrees Pipeline

fiftyone_devicedetection_onpremise.constants Namespace Reference

string  USER_AGENTS_DESCRIPTION = 'The matched User-Agents.'

Variable Documentation


tuple fiftyone_devicedetection_onpremise.constants.DEVICE_ID_DESCRIPTION
Initial value:
1 = ('Consists of four components separated by a hyphen '
2  'symbol: Hardware-Platform-Browser-IsCrawler where '
3  'each Component represents an ID of the corresponding '
4  'Profile.')


tuple fiftyone_devicedetection_onpremise.constants.DIFFERENCE_DESCRIPTION
Initial value:
1 = ('Used when detection method is not Exact or None. '
2  'This is an integer value and the larger the value '
3  'the less confident the detector is in this result.')


tuple fiftyone_devicedetection_onpremise.constants.DRIFT_DESCRIPTION
Initial value:
1 = ('Total difference in character positions where the '
2  'substrings hashes were found away from where they '
3  'were expected.')


tuple fiftyone_devicedetection_onpremise.constants.ITERATIONS_DESCRIPTION
Initial value:
1 = ('The number of iterations carried out in order to '
2  'find a match. This is the number of nodes in the '
3  'graph which have been visited.')


tuple fiftyone_devicedetection_onpremise.constants.MATCHED_NODES_DESCRIPTION
Initial value:
1 = ('Indicates the number of hash nodes matched '
2  'within the evidence.')


string fiftyone_devicedetection_onpremise.constants.USER_AGENTS_DESCRIPTION = 'The matched User-Agents.'
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