51Degrees Device Detection Python  4.4

Device Detection services for 51Degrees Pipeline


51Degrees Device Detection Data Files


This repository contains the freely available 'lite' version of the 51Degrees device detection data file.

The properties available in this file are:

  • IsMobile
  • ScreenPixelsHeight
  • ScreenPixelsWidth
  • PlatformName
  • PlatformVersion
  • PlatformVendor
  • BrowserName
  • BrowserVersion
  • BrowserVendor
  • SetHeaderBrowserAccept-CH
  • SetHeaderHardwareAccept-CH
  • SetHeaderPlatformAccept-CH
  • JavascriptGetHighEntropyValues
  • JavascriptHardwareProfile
  • More properties are available for free in our cloud service, or on a commercial basis on our website.

This 'lite' file is built from a subsection of all devices and is updated less frequently than the paid-for data files.

This repository uses Git LFS rather than storing these large binary files directly.


  • 51Degrees-LiteV4.1.hash - The 'lite' on-premise device detection data file.
  • 20000 User Agents.csv - A test file containing 20,000 of the most commonly observed User-Agent values. Each line contains a single User-Agent.
  • 20000 Evidence Records.yml - A test file containing 20,000 of the most commonly observed sets of headers that are useful for device detection. This is a replacement for the 20000 User Agents file that includes values for User-Agent Client Hints. This is a multi-record yaml file where each line contains the HTTP header name and value as the key/value pair. Values may be wrapped in single quotes.