51Degrees Device Detection Python  4.4

Device Detection services for 51Degrees Pipeline

fiftyone_devicedetection_onpremise.devicedetection_onpremise_pipelinebuilder.DeviceDetectionOnPremisePipelineBuilder Class Reference

Detailed Description

The Device Detection Pipeline Builder allows you to easily Construct a pipeline containing the device detection cloud engine.

Internal function for getting evidence keys used by cloud engines

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Public Member Functions

def  __init__ (self, settings=None, usage_sharing=True, **kwargs)
Constructor for Device Detection Pipeline Builder Depending on parameters passed through, builds a pipeline with either the cloud or on premise device detection engines. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def fiftyone_devicedetection_onpremise.devicedetection_onpremise_pipelinebuilder.DeviceDetectionOnPremisePipelineBuilder.__init__ (   self,
  settings = None,
  usage_sharing = True,
**   kwargs  

Constructor for Device Detection Pipeline Builder Depending on parameters passed through, builds a pipeline with either the cloud or on premise device detection engines.

General pipeline settings:

@type javascript_builder_settings: dict

javascript_builder_settings - parameters for the pipeline's JavaScript builder to populate additional evidence from the clientside.
  • obj_name: the name of the client side object with the JavaScript properties in it ('fod' by default)
  • protocol: The protocol ("http" or "https") used by the client side callback url. This can be overridden with header.protocol evidence
  • host The host of the client side callback url. This can be overridden with header.host evidence.
  • endpoint The endpoint of the client side callback url
  • enable_cookies - whether cookies should be enabled
  • minify: Whether to minify the JavaScript @type cache: Cache
cache - An instance of the fiftyone.pipeline.engines.cache class

Cloud Engine Settings:

@type resource_key: string

resource_key - the 51Degrees cloud resource key

On Premise Engine Settings

@type usage_sharing : bool

usage_sharing - : Whether to enable usage sharing if using the on premise engine @type data_file_path: string
data_file_path - path to the data file @type auto_update: bool
auto_update - whether to automatically update the datafile when required @type restricted_properties: list
restricted_properties - List of property keys to limit the engine to @type license_keys: string
licence_keys - licencekeys to use for the data file update service @type download: bool
download - whether to download the datafile or keep it in memory when it is returned from the datafile update service @type max_matched_useragents_length : int
Number - of characters to consider in the matched User-Agent. Ignored if update_matched_useragent is false @type update_matched_useragent:
- update_matched_useragent: True if the detection should record the matched characters from the target User-Agent @type drift: int
drift - Set maximum drift in hash position to allow when processing HTTP headers @type difference: int
difference - set the maximum difference to allow when processing HTTP headers. The difference is the difference in hash value between the hash that was found, and the hash that is being searched for. By default this is 0. @type allow_unmatched : bool
allow_unmatched - True if there should be at least one matched node in order for the results to be considered valid. By default, this is false @type performance_profile: string
performance_profile - options are: LowMemory, MaxPerformance, Balanced, BalancedTemp, HighPerformance @type reuse_temp_file: bool
reuse_temp_file - Indicates that an existing temp file may be used. This should be selected if multiple instances wish to use the same file to prevent high disk usage. @type concurrency: int
concurrency - defaults to the number of cpus in the machine @type update_on_start : bool
update_on_start - : When this is set to true the datafile is updated / downloaded immediately on initialisation. This is useful if no initial datafile is present. @type file_system_watcher: bool
file_system_watcher - whether to check the datafile's path for changes and update the connected FlowElement's data @type polling_interval: int
polling_interval - How often to poll for updates to the datafile (minutes) @type update_time_maximum_randomisation : int
update_time_maximum_randomisation - : Maximum randomisation offset in seconds to polling time interval @type data_update_verify_md5 : bool @type create_temp_copy: bool
create_temp_copy - whether to copy datafile to temporary location when updating @type data_update_url: string
data_update_url - base url for the datafile update service
data_file_update_service - service for the pipeline to use for auto updates instead of the default @type data_file_update_service: DataFileUpdateService
data_update_use_url_formatter - This must be set to false to prevent the API from appending the query string parameters that are required when calling the 51Degrees Distributor service. @type data_update_use_url_formatter: bool