51Degrees Device Detection Java  4.4

Device detection services for 51Degrees Pipeline

fiftyone.devicedetection.hash.engine.onpremise.flowelements.DeviceDetectionHashEngine Class Reference

Detailed Description

Hash device detection engine.

This engine takes User-Agents and other relevant HTTP headers and returns properties about the device which produced them e.g. DeviceType or ReleaseDate.

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Public Member Functions

String  getElementDataKey ()
MetaDataSwig  getMetaData ()
Get the native meta data instance for this engine. More...
List< FiftyOneAspectPropertyMetaData >  getProperties ()
FiftyOneAspectPropertyMetaData  getProperty (String name)
CloseableIterable< ProfileMetaData >  getProfiles ()
ProfileMetaData  getProfile (int profileId)
CloseableIterable< ComponentMetaData >  getComponents () CloseableIterable< ValueMetaData >  getValues () ValueMetaData  getValue (String propertyName, String valueName) java.util.Date  getDataFilePublishedDate (String dataFileIdentifier) java.util.Date  getDataFileUpdateAvailableTime (String dataFileIdentifier) String  getDataSourceTier () EvidenceKeyFilter  getEvidenceKeyFilter () void  refreshData (String dataFileIdentifier) void  refreshData (String dataFileIdentifier, byte[] data) void  addDataFile (AspectEngineDataFile dataFile) void  setCache (FlowCache cache)

Protected Member Functions

void  processEngine (FlowData flowData, DeviceDataHash deviceData)
void  unmanagedResourcesCleanup ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMetaData()

MetaDataSwig fiftyone.devicedetection.hash.engine.onpremise.flowelements.DeviceDetectionHashEngine.getMetaData ( )

Get the native meta data instance for this engine.

native meta data
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