51Degrees Device Detection Java  4.4

Device detection services for 51Degrees Pipeline
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fiftyone.devicedetection.examples.console.TacCloud Class Reference

Detailed Description

This example demonstrates looking up device details using a TAC code.

Unlike other examples, use of this example requires a license key which can be purchased from our pricing page. Once this is done, a resource key with the properties required by this example can be created here.

This resource key can be supplied as a command line argument to this program, as an environment variable "SuperResourceKey", as a System Property "SuperResourceKey" or by editing the config file tacCloud.xml.

Static Public Member Functions

static void  main (String[] args) throws Exception
static void  run (String resourceKey, OutputStream os) throws Exception

Static Public Attributes

static final String  TAC_EXAMPLE_RESOURCE_KEY_NAME = "SuperResourceKey"
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