51Degrees Device Detection Java  4.4

Device detection services for 51Degrees Pipeline

fiftyone.devicedetection.examples.console.GettingStartedCloud Class Reference

Detailed Description

Provides an illustration of the fundamental elements of carrying out device detection using our "cloud" service.

Meaning that you don't host the datafile on your server, but request detection to be carried out on our servers.

In order to use the cloud service you will need to obtain a "Resource Key". A free resource key configured with the properties required by this example may be obtained from https://configure.51degrees.com/jqz435Nc

The concepts of "pipeline", "flow data", "evidence" and "results" are illustrated.

Static Public Member Functions

static void  main (String[] args) throws Exception
The resource key can be supplied as an argument to this program or as an environment variable or as a Java system property called "TestResourceKey".
static void  run (String resourceKey, List< Map< String, String >> evidenceList, OutputStream outputStream) throws Exception
Run the example. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ run()

static void fiftyone.devicedetection.examples.console.GettingStartedCloud.run ( String   resourceKey,
List< Map< String, String >>   evidenceList,
OutputStream   outputStream  
) throws Exception

Run the example.

resourceKey - a 51Degrees "resource key"
evidenceList - a List<Map<String, String>> representing evidence
outputStream - somewhere for the results