51Degrees Device Detection Java  4.4

Device detection services for 51Degrees Pipeline

fiftyone.devicedetection.cloud.flowelements.DeviceDetectionCloudEngine Class Reference

Detailed Description

Engine that takes the JSON response from the CloudRequestEngine and uses it populate a DeviceDataCloud instance for easier consumption.

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Public Member Functions

 DeviceDetectionCloudEngine (Logger logger, ElementDataFactory< DeviceDataCloud > deviceDataFactory)
Construct a new instance of the DeviceDetectionCloudEngine. More...
List< AspectPropertyMetaData >  getProperties ()
String  getDataSourceTier ()
String  getElementDataKey ()
EvidenceKeyFilter  getEvidenceKeyFilter ()
void  addPipeline (Pipeline pipeline)

Protected Member Functions

void  processEngine (FlowData data, DeviceDataCloud aspectData)
void  unmanagedResourcesCleanup ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DeviceDetectionCloudEngine()

fiftyone.devicedetection.cloud.flowelements.DeviceDetectionCloudEngine.DeviceDetectionCloudEngine ( Logger   logger,
ElementDataFactory< DeviceDataCloud >   deviceDataFactory  

Construct a new instance of the DeviceDetectionCloudEngine.

logger - logger instance to use for logging
deviceDataFactory - the factory to use when creating a DeviceDataCloud instance
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