51Degrees Device Detection .NET  4.4

Device detection services for 51Degrees Pipeline

FiftyOne.DeviceDetection.Examples.OnPremise.MatchMetrics.Program.Example Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Example (DeviceDetectionPipelineBuilder pipelineBuilder, ILogger< Example > logger)
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void  Run (string dataFile, IEnumerable< Dictionary< string, object >> evidenceList, TextWriter output)
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DeviceDetectionPipelineBuilder  PipelineBuilder [get]
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ILogger< Example >  Logger [get]

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◆ Run()

void FiftyOne.DeviceDetection.Examples.OnPremise.MatchMetrics.Program.Example.Run ( string   dataFile,
IEnumerable< Dictionary< string, object >>   evidenceList,
TextWriter   output  

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dataFile - Path to a data file to use in this example. May be absolute or relative. If relative, the example will search for a matching file in the project directories.
evidenceList - The values to perform device detection against
output - The writer to use when outputting messages

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