51Degrees Device Detection .NET  4.4

Device detection services for 51Degrees Pipeline

FiftyOne.DeviceDetection.Examples.AppleExampleBase Class Reference

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Static Protected Member Functions

static bool  CheckDataFiles (ILogger logger, DeviceDetectionHashEngine engine, string hashDataFile, string appleDataFile)

Static Protected Member Functions inherited from FiftyOne.DeviceDetection.Examples.ExampleBase

static IEnumerable< string >  GetUserAgents (string userAgentsFile, int count)
Loops around the User-Agents file returning User-Agents until the required number have been returned. More...
static IEnumerable< string >  GetUserAgents (string userAgentsFile, int count, int randomness)
Returns User-Agents that have had a number of characters altered. More...
static IEnumerable< Dictionary< string, object > >  GetEvidence (TextReader evidenceReader, ILogger logger=null)
Read the specified yaml-formatted stream and return evidence collections. More...
static IEnumerable< string >  Report (List< string > input, int count, int maxDistinctUAs, int marks)
static void  OutputException (Exception ex, int depth=0)
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