51Degrees Device Detection .NET  4.4

Device detection services for 51Degrees Pipeline

FiftyOne.DeviceDetection.Apple.AppleDecisionTreeNodeRange Class Reference

Detailed Description

A node in the decision tree that matches an evidence value against an expected range of values.

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Public Member Functions

override bool  Match (object evidenceValue)
The method to use to check if the supplied value matches this node. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from FiftyOne.DeviceDetection.Apple.AppleDecisionTreeNodeBase

void  AddChild (IAppleDecisionTreeNode child)
Add the specified node as a child. More...


float  EvidenceMin [get, set]
float  EvidenceMax [get, set]

Properties inherited from FiftyOne.DeviceDetection.Apple.AppleDecisionTreeNodeBase

uint?  ProfileId [get, set]
The hardware profile Id to return if the evaluation reaches this node but matches no further children. More...
string  EvidenceKey [get, set]
The key of the evidence value to use to evaluate against the child nodes. More...
IReadOnlyList< IAppleDecisionTreeNode >  Children [get]
The child nodes More...

Properties inherited from FiftyOne.DeviceDetection.Apple.IAppleDecisionTreeNode

uint?  ProfileId [get, set]
string  EvidenceKey [get, set]
IReadOnlyList< IAppleDecisionTreeNode >  Children [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ Match()

override bool FiftyOne.DeviceDetection.Apple.AppleDecisionTreeNodeRange.Match ( object   evidenceValue )

The method to use to check if the supplied value matches this node.

evidenceValue - The evidence value to compare against
True if the supplied evidence value matches the expected value for this node.

Implements FiftyOne.DeviceDetection.Apple.AppleDecisionTreeNodeBase.