51Degrees Device Detection C/C++  4.4

A device detection library that is used natively or by 51Degrees products

sharedState Struct Reference

Detailed Description

State containing the states for all threads running in the example.

Hash/ReloadFromFile.c, and Hash/ReloadFromMemory.c.

Collaboration diagram for sharedState:


Data Fields

ResourceManager *  manager
Pointer to the manager containing the data set.
const char *  userAgentFilePath
Path to the User-Agents to process.
volatile long  threadsFinished
Number of threads that have finished their processing.
Pointers to the running threads.

The documentation for this struct was generated from the following files:
  • /home/runner/work/device-detection-cxx/device-detection-cxx/common/device-detection-cxx/examples/C/Hash/ReloadFromFile.c
  • /home/runner/work/device-detection-cxx/device-detection-cxx/common/device-detection-cxx/examples/C/Hash/ReloadFromMemory.c
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