51Degrees Device Detection C/C++  4.4

A device detection library that is used natively or by 51Degrees products

FiftyoneDegrees::DeviceDetection::Hash::PropertyMetaDataCollectionForPropertyHash Class Reference

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Public Member Functions


 PropertyMetaDataCollectionForPropertyHash (fiftyoneDegreesResourceManager *manager, PropertyMetaData *property)

Common::Collection Implementation

 ~PropertyMetaDataCollectionForPropertyHash ()
Releases the data set being referenced by the collection.
PropertyMetaData *  getByIndex (uint32_t index) const
Get the item from the collection at the index provided. More...
PropertyMetaData *  getByKey (string name) const
Get the item for the key from the collection. More...
uint32_t  getSize () const
Number of items in the underlying collection. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from FiftyoneDegrees::Common::Collection< string, PropertyMetaData >

virtual  ~Collection ()
Dispose of any internal data.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getByIndex()

PropertyMetaData* FiftyoneDegrees::DeviceDetection::Hash::PropertyMetaDataCollectionForPropertyHash::getByIndex ( uint32_t   index ) const

Get the item from the collection at the index provided.

index - of the item required in the collection. Not the same as the key
a new instance of the item at the index

Implements FiftyoneDegrees::Common::Collection< string, PropertyMetaData >.

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