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Updating Device Data

Keeping device data up-to-date is almost as important as regularly installing security updates as it affects your customers. Correctly identifying the latest devices, Operating Systems and browsers allows you to provide your customers with the most relevant version of your website and content. Our data team work tirelessly to update our database on a daily basis.

We understand that manually downloading the latest data file is time consuming and inefficient, so we have introduced automatic updates functionality. This allows your API to automatically retrieve the latest data file from our servers using your licence key and update your current device data file with the latest version.

If you are a Premium or Enterprise customer you can get started with automatic data updates straight away, see the next section for more details. Lite data users are welcome to test drive automatic updates by signing up with our free evaluation programme. When trialling the Premium and Enterprise data file versions you can experience the  benefits of having more properties and device combinations as well as more frequent updates.  Compare the features offered by each data file.

For general information about the auto update feature see the Automatic Data Updates documentation page.

.NET Specific Information

Automated updates are available when the .NET API is used as part of a web server. For details of how to use this feature see the  Web Apps > Automatic Updates section.

As of version there have been changes to the way we update NuGet packages, Lite data users can now update their data file independently of the core API by updating the ‘’ package.