What is Device Detection and why should you be using it


3/3/2021 5:00 PM

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Not sure if Device Detection is the right fit for your company? We talk about how it all works and why your company needs it in this article.

In today’s article, we talk about Device Detection and how it can elevate your company’s digital presence.

As we enjoy the exuberance of 2021, so comes more challenges in the digital world. With more and more device models being released, can your website or app keep up with the times?

Tell me simply, what is it?

This real-time data solution captures the user’s device using a number of properties such as screen resolution, browser type and device model to name but a few. Then the solution adapts your website or app according to their device for optimized performance.

By creating this seamless user experience, say goodbye to compatibility conundrums - It also enables businesses to analyze traffic, tailor content, and increase conversion rates.


Is Device Detection the right fit for my company?

51Degrees Device Detection is used by over 1.5 million websites globally. We support brands, ecommerce, programmatic advertising, publishers, and digital agencies.

Get real-time data with ease and unlock rich insights and opportunities for your company. In 2021, we can expect a rise in online businesses as more people work from home - so having an optimized website that looks good no matter what device the visitor uses is crucial to your success.

You're less likely to browse a website if it's hard to navigate on your device. And did you know? 53% of mobile visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. If your company relies on the performance of your website, Device Detection gives your visitors a speedy and tailored experience.

How does Device Detection work?

Every time a website is visited a user agent is transmitted with the request that contains information used to determine the visitor's device properties. Although this is not the only information used within the solution, it’s a very important part of the detection process.

User agent header values, usually referred to as “user agent strings”, adhere loosely to a number of conventions but don’t obey any strict rules. There are three main components that are associated with a device: hardware model, operating system, and browser. The user agent string contains segments of information that indicate which component properties the device has.

As more devices are released into the market, our device database will increase. One way to visualize this growth is by assigning the three device components to a dimension on a cube. With every new device model release, every new and updated web browser or operating system, the cube (and the device database) will expand.


A key differentiator when choosing a device detection solution is finding a way of using the information they contain to yield accurate values for component properties that is fast and accurate.

Who are 51Degrees?

We are a dedicated team of tech-geeks and data enthusiasts based in the UK. And our mission? Providing you the best real-time data solutions.

Our data helps companies like yours to reduce both the cost and time involved in creating, testing and deploying mobile websites.

Capable of more than 22 million detections a second we're the fastest solution available. And that's not all. Our solution is also the most accurate, and our performance speeds are awesome too. All in all we have the best device detection solution available.

51Degrees provides highly accurate device detection in a fast-paced and dynamic ecosystem with new phone models, OS versions and platforms announced almost daily. Feliksas NalivaikaProduct Director, AdForm

How do I get started?

Rather than pretending that one size fits all, control and choice are in the hands of the implementer. We recognize multiple algorithms are needed for Device Detection depending on the intended use and as a result, offer two core options. ‘Hash’ is our fastest algorithm preferred by sectors such as Adtech. This algorithm can retrieve up to 22 million detections per second. ‘Pattern’ tends to be the preferred choice where speed is not such a high priority. If you're unsure on which option is best for you, get in touch with our friendly team who will discuss your needs.

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