us ereader popularity october 2014

What E-Readers are most popular in the US?

Products Team

12/11/2014 2:36 PM


Based on E-Readers used for Web access

us ereader popularity october 2014
Image shows popularity of various E-Readers by brand and by individual model in the US in October 2014. Click on the image to load it in full size.

The first generation Kindle is still the most popular E-Reader device used for Web access in the US. Almost 61% of all E-Reader Web traffic originated from first generation Kindle devices. Kindle is followed by the Nook Color which accounts for 33.6% whilst the Kindle DX accounts for nearly 4%.

Amazon continues to dominate the E-Reader market in the US. It's hardly surprising as they are able to offer very good deals like on individual books as well as services such as Netflix-like subscription plans.

The above information is based on devices used for Web access. It does not take in to account the actual amount of devices or the amount of sales.