Smartphone VS Tablet - Which Browses the Web More?


10/4/2013 1:52 PM

Tablet Smartphone Analysis

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With Tesco releasing their new Hudl tablet device earlier this week, 51Degrees compare UK mobile web traffic originating from both smartphone and tablet devices over the last 12 months.

UK Mobile Web Traffic - Smartphone VS Tablet


After the Christmas sales boom, tablet traffic climbed close to 45% of UK mobile web traffic. This started to decline after tablet sales reportedly dropped by 9.7% in Q2 of this year. Although the mobile web traffic statistics paint a picture that aligns nicely with sales figures, could the decline in traffic be caused by tablet users 'getting over' the novelty of owning a tablet device?

With more tablet users now purchasing products online than smartphone users, eCommerce businesses will be glad to see that tablet traffic has stabilised over the last 3 months. With nearly a 60/40 split when comparing traffic of the two device types, will the smartphone lead start to crumble once the Christmas tablet sales come in? Or will the release of the new iPhones help smartphones stay on top?