Reverse Geocoding with Digital Element


9/24/2020 5:00 PM

Location News

How using 51Degrees one stop shop real-time data is key to your marketing success!

Marketer's Mission

A marketer’s mission is to grab the audience's attention and keep them captivated. Advertising entices new customers and retains existing ones by understanding what is that they want - without being creepy.

The million-dollar question is, how do marketers know when and where to target their audience and how to maintain relevance?

Real-Time Data

Well, folks, the key is access to real-time data! According to reports, the average number of data sources a marketer needs will increase from 8 to 12 by 2021. Sourcing, analyzing, then strategizing based on multiple providers can be overwhelming, especially to smaller marketing teams.

This is where we come in. Here at 51Degrees, it is our mission to assemble all the data you need in one place. We’ve got you covered!

We strive to continually innovate in the ever-changing digital industry and become the melting pot of real-time data using our Pipeline API. We are a UK-based company that is the only commercial open-source, device-detection solution available. We pride ourselves in simplifying the technology yet remaining accurate and effective.

New to the 51Degrees Platform

We are proud to announce that Digital Element is the latest company to be added to the 51Degrees platform.

“We were delighted to integrate the Digital Element GeoMprint location solution for the launch of our new real-time data pipeline. Digital professionals can add location data to analytics, address capture and targeting systems.” said James Rosewell, CEO and founder of 51Degrees. “Set-up takes a matter of minutes using the free-trial options. The permissively open source APIs make enhancements and audit super simple.”

Our Fans

So, who uses 51Degrees? Leaders in ad tech, publishing, content management platforms, digital agencies, more than 1.5million websites and counting!

We use reverse geocoding technology to convert the coordinates from the user’s mobile device and turn that into useful data like a postcode or city. All this juicy information helps you create relevant advertising and content for your customers, giving them a seamless and tailor-fit experience.

Next Steps

Find out more about the wonders of reverse geocoding technology. To learn more about our integration with Digital Element read the full press release. Can’t wait to kick-start your online success with accurate data-driven marketing? Jump right in and sign up for a free trial of the 51Degrees pipeline.