New version of 51Degrees.mobi data now includes 3D device detection

Products Team

1/5/2012 4:27 PM

Device Detection Mobile Update News

A new version of 51Degrees.mobi device data is available from today.

Our Premium data set now includes two new properties to identify handsets with a 3D-compatible display (Has3DScreen) and 3D camera (Has3DCamera). In addition, the regular weekly update for new and amended device specifications has taken place.

Customers taking advantage of our free Lite data will notice that it now includes devices added in October 2011.

51Degrees.mobi offers an entirely free device detection solution that can be used commercially. The 51Degrees.mobi Lite data set is licensed under the Mozilla Public Licence, making it suitable for individuals or businesses requiring basic device detection. Alternatively, 51Degrees.mobi Premium data includes a full set of device data that's suitable for most real-time detection purposes.