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Four Ways You Can Use TAC Data to Improve Business Performance

Benjamin CB

2/22/2019 10:30 AM


TAC (Type Allocation Code) is the first eight digits of the 15-digit IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). TAC codes can be used to identify individual device models and when enhanced with 51Degrees’ device properties, gives you a single source of device information. This information can be used in various ways throughout your organization.

51Degrees' data, indexed by TAC, supports multiple use cases such as identifying which devices are actively accessing your network, which ones are performing best on your network, improving customer services and enabling upsell opportunities. The benefits of using TAC data can be realized throughout your organization:

  • For Marketing - to understand and tailor marketing content to unique device capabilities.
  • For Customer Services - to speed up troubleshooting.
  • For BI and Procurement - to retrieve granular information about user's devices.
  • For Engineers - to maximize network performance and efficiency.

TAC data is widely used in the Telecoms industry to allow network operators to identify SIM devices active on their networks. That said, there are many other ways you can use TAC data to help drive your business forward. Here is just a small selection of these:

Improved Security

Financial companies are using TAC to assist with device authentication for security purposes. Network operators can use TAC codes for authenticating devices and identifying fraud.

Seamless Troubleshooting

Customer service agents can use TAC data to seamlessly identify a user’s device, allowing them to troubleshoot specific device features with ease. This improves resolution times and can vastly improve your customer experience.

Tailored Marketing

When combined with our device profiles, TAC data can help your marketing team gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior with device-specific insight. Using TAC data and the 200+ properties 51Degrees provides, your marketing team can target specific devices with relevant messages to improve response and drive leads and sales into your business.

Strategic Engineering

Use TAC data to identify usage patterns to maximize network performance and efficiency, strategize using accurate data from devices already accessing the network and reduce risk while empowering decision making for long and short-term improvements.

If you’d like more information, visit our TAC Intelligence page.

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