eBay Add More Than 3 Million New Customers Through Mobile

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7/29/2013 10:31 AM

Mobile News

eBay add more than 3 million new customers in Q2 through mobile

CEO John Donahoe comments on eBay's mobile commerce during their 2nd quarter earnings conference call:

"We are a mobile commerce leader, adding more than 3 million new customers in Q2 through mobile.

eBay and PayPal each expect to do $20 billion of mobile commerce and payments volume this year. And our global commerce platforms are a competitive advantage enabling commerce to happen anytime, anywhere." Read more from Seeking Alpha.

Microsoft release Internet Explorer Windows 7 developer preview

Until last week, IE11 was only available to use with Windows 8.1, however Microsoft have released a preview version of the browser for developers still using Windows 7. Microsoft are using this as an opportunity to show off the new browsers scalability, highlighting web apps performance across many different platforms.

The latest version of the previously dominant Microsoft browser is billed as a platform to help developers to create “the best experience on the Web”. With a completely revamped developer tools and a shift in focus to performance optimisation, Microsoft are trying to catch up with the hugely successful Chrome browser from Google. Read more from The Next Web.

Wikipedia launch support for editing content on mobile devices

The very first version of mobile editing for the giant encyclopedia was launched last week allowing content to be edited easily on the fly. This came after Wikipedia announced that over 15% of its users were actually accessing Wikipedia on mobile, and needed to offer a better editing experience to their users. Read more from Wikimedia.